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Draoicht exhibition curated by Amanda Coogan

Kym Tracey is a Visual Artist and educator based in Kildare and has recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design. Her work is a homage to moments in the past which she explores through manipulating old found photographs.
Kym's work aims to challenge the line between nostalgia and discomfort. In particular she is interested in imagery rooted in magical realism. From the photography of Tim Walker to Leonid Nechaev’s adaptation of “The Adventures of Buratino” she hunts for scenes that evoke a particular feeling and use these to influence her process. Recent works have been reminiscent of Irish tradition. Her process involves archiving vintage images, creating props, photography and combining all of these elements into colourful contemporary paintings. 

Recent exhibitions include “Páipéar” a group exhibition hosted by Hangtough Contemporary and "you breathe differently down here" an exhibition in Draoicht gallery curated by Amanda Coogan. Kym’s work has been published on platforms such as “Artists Talk Magazine”, “The Irish Tatler” and “The Irish Arts Review” and is also included in the 2023 Irish Design Shop Calander.

"80's Party" as part of "you breathe differently down here" Draoicht gallery exhibition.

Curated by Amanda Coogan

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