Visual Artist


I am a visual artist based in Co.Kildare. My work is a homage to a certain time, a certain space, contained within an image. Nothing brings me more excitement than photographs, not photography exactly, but simply everyday photos taken by everyday people. My subject matter focuses on the past and its trends, whether that’s pattern filled interiors or ever changing fashions.

As young people we cling to trends that have already happened. We do anything to replicate a time we didn’t live through; envying those who did but only focusing on the "aesthetic" elements, which creates a sort of confused nostalgia.


This is what I gravitate towards when adding images to my archive. Nostalgic scenes that are not only familiar but comforting and, in some cases, almost unsettling.Combining the funky patterns of 70s wallpaper, the red or green 90s carpet in every Irish home with my archived images, I create nostalgic paintings that celebrate youth.